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Responsible Travel

What is Responsible Tourism?

Responsible tourism is the tourism that does not have negative impact on the environment or the societies where it took place. There are a few key principles of responsible tourism that guide how it should be practiced: minimizing environmental impact, supporting the conservation of natural resources, generating economic benefits for local communities, and enhancing the cultural understanding and appreciation of host destinations. Put simply, responsible tourism is about traveling in a way that does not negatively impact the people and places you visit.

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Our Ethos

At Vilakazi, responsibility and sustainability are at the core of our company values.

We are continually monitoring the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations to ensure we are at the forefront of a fairer industry: creating new and exciting ideas for the benefit of discerning travellers, the local communities where we work and the natural world that connects us all.

In this way our aim is to promote responsible travel by engaging travellers and communities in the benefits of travelling the vilakazi way.

Supporting Local Communities

We believe that the true rewards of travel come from experiencing different cultures whilst also giving something back to the communities who make us welcome

At Vilakazi we engage local communities in our travel itineraries and treat local people as stakeholders in our business. This manifests itself in our community tourism initiatives, which can be found across our range of experiences. Look out for these in our full itineraries and key projects are often highlighted in our Why Vilakazi? section on each one of our holidays.

We employ local guides and support staff who we pay fair wages, often exceeding government standards which we still consider too low, and thereby remove the reliance on tipping for livelihoods. Our accommodation choices make use of locally owned properties where possible and often include adventurous, authentic choices including a growing number of budget and luxury homestays.

Protecting the Environment

To ensure that we are offering ground-breaking itineraries, personally inspected accommodation choices and are up-to-date with all the latest developments our Uganda staff travel regularly to our destinations. We look to work with the most environmentally friendly accommodation options in destination and continue to promote product which fits our core responsibilities.

This website represents another key contribution in our strategy to protect the environment. As an online business, using the power of the internet and electronic communication instead of high-street premises and glossy brochures, we minimise the carbon footprint of our business in the UK. 

Our Destination Guides to Responsible Travel

We have collaborated with our partners, guides and other stakeholders to put together informative guides to travelling responsibly in all the countries that we offer. We’re continually adding destinations and updating as new information and best practice changes. Sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest information. 

Call us on (+256) 394 8013 72 to start planning your holiday, we’re looking forward to hearing from you


Our Partners

A more responsible and sustainable industry can only happen if we all work together. At Wayfairer, we partner with the industry’s leading organisations as well as smaller grassroots projects and charities. We are also represented on and where you can find and book our Africa safari holidays.

Charities & organizations we support

Tourism can only be sustainable if it is carefully managed so that potential negative effects on the host community and the environment are not permitted to outweigh the financial benefits.

When you book your trip with Vilakazi Safaris– to any of our destinations – we will donate USD 10 per person to the Reforestation project.

With this donation, you will help in planting trees and alleviating extreme poverty and create positive impact and change at a large scale.

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