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Uganda-Home of Gorillas

No African Safari tour is complete without seeing the Mountain Gorillas! There are only 700 – 880 Mountain gorillas remaining on earth.


The majority live in the Virunga Mountains that straddle Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most of the gorillas live a wild existence, far from human reach. However, a handful of groups have been habituated and can be tracked and observed by small numbers of visitors under the watchful eyes of park rangers

Uganda offers a life time chance and memorable experience of coming face to face with the mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest national park. When tracking these mountain gorillas through the jungle by foot, we ensure that our travellers keep their distance and respect that these creatures are in their natural habitat.


What To Wear?


Gorilla Trekking gear guide, Good quality walking boots if trying any hikes or even climbs, warm layers of cloth for the cold evenings and clothing for wet weather remember it becomes cold and wet at this high altitude.


However during the day, the sun is strong even when cloudy therefore always remember to carry and wear sunscreen as well as a sun hat. In addition, you may have to carry along waterproof bags to safeguard cameras plus additional equipment for the hike.

Water plus snacks are additional recommended items plus a packed lunch for people doing full-day expeditions.


Did you know?

Adult male gorillas eat 45 pounds of food per day.

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